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It is the policy of the Department of Public Safety to ensure that any person convicted of a criminal offense against victim(s) who are minor(s) or are convicted of sexually violent offense(s) as defined under Title 6 Crimes and Criminal Procedure/Division 1. Crimes Against Persons and Property ss1101/Part 1 Crimes Against the Person/Chapter 3. Sexual Offenses. § 1201/Article 4.  Sex Offender Registration and Notifications. §1361/ss1362. Registration:  Shall be registered as a Sex Offender in the CNMI. 

Criminal sex offenders are required by law to declare in writing the actual living address at which he or she will reside upon release.  An intentional failure to provide a timely and accurate written declaration shall be a misdemeanor punishable by up to $1000 and one year of imprisonment.

General Rule

BEFORE registering any person as a Sex Offender, the designated DPS personnel must verify and certify that such person is required to register.  The designated DPS personnel;

   1. Must obtain and verify that person's Judgement and Commitment Order (JCO) through the courts, probation, or parole office.  Should that person  be from outside the CNMI, the responsible law enforcement agency, state or territory must be contacted to obtain these documents.

   2. The JCO must be verified that such person has been convicted of any  criminal offense(s) that consists of the following, as defined under this section:
               A.  Kidnapping of a minor, except by a parent;
               B.  Rape;
               C.  Sexual Torture;
               D.  Sexual Abuse;
               E.  Sodomy;
               F.  Enticing a child to enter a vehicle, room, house, office, or other place, for immoral purpose;
               G.  Promoting prostitution;
               H.  Incest when the offender is an adult and the victim is a minor;
               I.  Soliciting a child by computer for the purposes of committing a sexual act and transmitting obscene material to a child by computer;
               J.  Any solicitation, attempt, or conspiracy to commit any offenses(s) listed in (2A) to (2I) of the above, inclusive; or,
               K.  Any crime committed in another state, territory, or a Federal, Military, Indian, or a foreign country jurisdiction that, if it had been  committed in the CNMI would constitute an offense listed in (2A) to (2I), inclusive.  Conduct which is criminal only because of the age of the victim shall not be considered a criminal offense if the perpetrator is 15 years of age or younger.
               L.  Or as ordered as part of the Conditions or special instructions in the JCO, that such person is to be registered as a Sex Offender.

   3.  Must obtain and verify from the Department of Correction a copy of that person's Date of Release Form, or Parolee information documentsfrom Parole if that person has been placed on parole, or Probationer information documents from Probation if that person has been placed on supervised release or probation, so as to annotate a start date or registry  and ending date of registry for that person's ten (10) year minimum regstration period.

   4.  Must obtain a "Transfer of Jurisdiction" documents from any person who is from outside the CNMI and intends to reside in the CNMI.

Registering a Criminal Sex Offender 

After obtaining and verifying all necessary documents that certifies that the person is a Sex Offender, the designated DPS personnel shall process that peron with the following:

  1.  Acknowledgement of Sex Offender Registration
  2.  Sex Offender Registration
  3.  Convicted Sex Offenders WARNING!
  4.  Sex Offender Verification of Residence
         a.  Sketch sheet (map of residence)
         b.  Questionnaire Form
  5.  Fingerprint/palm print card
  6.  Current Photo


The processing DPS personnel must prepare a Public, Private Schools and Day Care Centers Notification and a Community Notification flyer and must mail or hand deliver notifications to the affected areas of the criminal sex offender's declared residence.

  1.  These notifications shall include, but not limited to:
        a.  a current photo of the criminal sex offender
        b.  criminal history
        c.  each sex offense history or pre-sentence investigation of the sex
        d.  vehicle registration

  2.  All legal residents and establishments within 1500 feet of the criminal sex
       offender's declared residence must be notified.

  3.  In addition, any other method reasonably expected to provide notification
       may be utilized by the processing DPS personnel, including but not limited
       to, posting a copy of the notice in a prominent place closest to the
       declared residence of the criminal sex offender, publicizing the notice in  
       a local newspaper, or posting electronically, including the internet, or other
       means available.

Sex Offender Website Disclosure and Sharing of Information

The Sex Offenders Registration & Notification Act (SORNA) requirements for disclosure and sharing of information about registrants appear primarily in section 118, which is concerned with sex offender websites, and section 121, which is concerned with community notification in a broader sense and with some more targeted type of disclosures. 

Section 118(a) of SORNA state a general rule that jurisdictions are to "make available on the Internet, in a manner that is readily accessible to all jurisdictions and to the public, all information about each sex offender in the registry." 

The list of informational items that jurisdictions must include on their public sex offender websites is as follows:
    a.  The name of the sex offender, including any aliases.
    b.  The address of each residence at which the sex offender resides or will
    c.   The address of any place where the sex offender is an employee or will
         be an employee and, if the sex offender is employed but does not have a
         definite employment address, other information about where the sex
         offender works.
    d.  The address of any place where the sex offender is a student or will be a
    e.  The license plate number and a description of any vehicle owned or
         operated by the sex offender.
    f.   A physical description of the sex offender.
    g.  The sex offense for which the sex offender is registered an any other sex
         offense for which the sex offender has been convicted.
    h.  A current photograph of the sex offender.
The DPS Sex Offender Registry Office will be posting CNMI registered sex offender information on this website soon. 

Contact the DPS Sex Offender Registry Office at 664-9026 or 664-9001 for information on registered sex offenders in the CNMI or call CRIME STOPPERS at 234-7272 to report a crime.  Your name is not needed, just your information.
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