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On Tuesday October 03, 2017 at 11:36 am, Police responded to a missing person complaint reported in Asteo village. Police learned from the witness that her male friend Jamal A. Saleh, age 49, is missing. Earlier at 1:30 am, the same day, Jamal couldn’t sleep and went for a walk. Since then, the witness texted Jamal with no reply. Jamal has not returned home or reported to work at the Public Defenders Office. As of the time of this press release Jamal is still missing. Any information please call DPS at 664-9000/9001 if spotted.


VICTIM: Jamal A. Saleh
AGE: 49yrs.old
HEIGHT: 5’9’
WEIGHT: 200 lbs
NAT: Arab/Native Indian
DESCRIPTON: Long gray hair
ADDRESS: Chalan Santa Lourdes, Asteo


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